Error message when trying to upload a file

Error message when trying to upload a file

Повідомлення Janetimber » 27 квітня 2018, 13:31


I’m having a problem when trying to upload files to my Omeka site. I am able to add item information, but when I attempt to attach a file I receive the message - “There was an error on the form. Please try again.” I’ve tried different types of files (pdf, mp3, jpeg) and nothing works. This only started happening after I attempted to download the EADImporter Plugin. I tried to download that plugin and that gave a fatal error, and everything crashed. So I removed the files from my server, and I was able to get back into the Admin site. But now there’s a pesky red “This is not a valid plugin” bar showing up on my list of plugins.
I do not know if these the errors are related? But, in any case, I still can’t upload new files to my site. Any advice on how to fix this?

Please help.

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